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Hello, my name is GK
although my real name is Gabriel. I'm a pretty buzzy guy who loves computers and video games (a perfect combination in my opinion). From a very young age (exactly 8 years old), my parents decided to buy me a computer, my first computer (it was a Samsung brand laptop). Since then I was testing the terrain of the internet world a little and I became more and more curious as I didn't know what I would get when searching on Google. Over time, various people who have appeared in my life have been teaching me a little more about this world of computing and gaming, until I decided to get more serious about these two branches, since then, I started doing various courses, such as office, desktop environments and programming. At 12 years old, they showed me a video game called Need for Speed ​​World. which without me knowing it would be my first game and where everything would begin, so (although I hate to admit it), it was thanks to EA that got me started in video games. As time and years passed, I changed from PC to desktop and improved it and learned more to the point where I am now, that I know more than the teachers and computer scientists in Spain themselves. Currently, I am also into photography, so I recommend you see the portfolio section, where I usually upload the latest photos I take.
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